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What Happened to the Hexhog 6×6 Wheelchair?

The HexHog 6x6 is Dead

At Extreme Motus we occasionally get contacted about the Hexhog because this review in our Research Center: “Meet the Hexhog” has become the number one search result when searching for the company on google. 

I decided to look around and see what I could find. 

Return to Sender

I attempted to email the company at but the email was rejected. 

Address Unknown

Currently, leads to a personal website for Stella Levinson. But the contact information doesn’t lead anywhere so I think the website is just a placeholder until someone comes along and wants to purchase the domain name. 

Social Media Accounts Gone

Hexhogs social media accounts have been deleted. I searched for them on all the major social media websites and couldn’t find any active accounts. 

What Happened to Hexhog?

I was unable to find any kind of official statement from the company. But when a company goes out of business the most likely reason is they didn’t make enough money to stay in business. 

Hexhog had a cool product but it cost $30,000 – $42,000 and weighed 600 pounds. This is the most expensive and heaviest all-terrain wheelchair I have come across during my research. I would guess it was difficult to find enough customers to keep the manufacturer busy enough to continue development. 

When there are other products like the Action Trackchair, Tracfab, and Terrain Hopper that are also capable off-road wheelchairs at a lower price point. It must have been difficult to compete.

It’s unfortunate but luckily there are other options to choose from. 

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