Terrain Hopper Overland 4ZS

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Weight: 450 lbs without batteries

Speed: 4mph or 12mph

Range: Up to 34 miles

Cost: $17,995

Manufactured: USA

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8270 S Kyrene Road, Suite B-106 • Tempe, AZ 85284


 Overland 4ZS stands out as an off-road power wheelchair because it has four wheels, rather than tracks like the Action Trackchair and TracFab. While tracks certainly look cool and provide more traction in mud and snow, wheels give this chair an edge over its tracked competitors in a few important areas.

Ground Clearance

One of the most important factors in an all-terrain power chair is its ability to clear obstacles in your path. Tracked wheelchairs tend to have ground clearance between three and six inches. That doesn’t leave a lot of room to roll over ruts, rocks, and roots on your adventure.

Becoming high centered can complicate your adventure quickly. Murphy’s Law means that it will never happen in a convenient location, and tracked wheelchairs can weigh 400 to 600 pounds, so it might not be easy to free yourself.

What? No Tracks?

TerrainHopper’s Overland 4ZS gives the operator a more comfortable ride because it has not only air-filled tires, but also independent suspension.

If a tire has air in it, that means there is a chance of getting a flat tire on your trip, so be sure to carry a repair kit to prevent getting stranded.


This off-road power wheelchair’s speed options are a nice touch, too. When building your 4ZS, you can choose from three different speeds. Remember that if you plan to ride your 4ZS with friends or family members who don’t use a wheelchair, the average walking speed of a human is 3 MPH.

4 MPH – This option is for extreme off-roading. It may be moving slow but it has gobs of torque to keep the wheels moving through any terrain.

8 MPH – This option is faster than the tracked wheelchairs and is a good balance of power and speed. A good all-around choice for a mixture of off- and on-road adventures.

12 MPH – With a higher top end but less torque this is a good choice for wheelchair users who want to keep up with friends as they jog along the beach.

Because you must choose this option when building your Overland 4ZS I believe this is permanent and cannot be easily changed later. You may want to choose the 4 MPH option because you plan to do a lot of off-roading, or maybe because you know your child well enough and don’t want to give them the option of going any faster.


Accessibility – Can travel on pedestrian trails, walking paths, and even indoors.

Clearance – With 10” of ground clearance the 4ZS can go places that would leave the tracked competition high centered.

Suspension – The Terrain Hopper offers four-wheel independent suspension, giving the operator a smooth ride over the bumps.


Expensive – Starting at $17,995 this is an expensive ride. There are many options to choose from. The price for each option was not listed on the website at the time of writing.

Heavy – This rig weighs 450 pounds before you choose which battery you want. This will require owning a truck or trailer to transport it to the trails you want to explore.

Storage – Does not fold or breakdown into a smaller size for storage or transportation.


How far your Overland 4ZS can travel depends on factors like; weight of the rider, if they are traveling up or downhill, and ambient temperature lithium ion batteries lose range when it is cold. Terrain Hopper gives 3 choices of batteries. Each choice will add range, weight, and cost to your ride.

– Lithium 60AH – 12 mile range

– Lithium 100AH – 17 mile range

– Lithium 200AH – 34 mile range

Who it’s for:

The Terrain Hopper is built like a four-wheeler but classified as an off-road power wheelchair. This means it can be driven on walking paths and other places a four-wheeler wouldn’t be allowed to go.

If you plan to do most of your traveling on walking paths then the Overland 4ZS is a great option. If that isn’t important to you, and if your disability allows you to operate a four-wheeler, then you should spend some time researching them. They weigh about the same, are more powerful, and less expensive than a specialty device like the Terrain Hopper Overland 4ZS.

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