Unboxing the Emma X3 All Terrain Wheelchair


The Extreme Motus Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair ships fully assembled in a large box and it’s ready for adventure as soon as it arrives. When you are unboxing your X3 there are a few things you can do to make it ready for longer adventures, and more comfortable for the person pushing, and the person riding in the chair.

The easiest way to get your new X3 out of the box is to lay the box down on its side with the wheelchair on its back. This way you can grab the handlebars and roll it straight out of the box.

Once out of the box you can fold the front wheel down, insert the pins to hold in place and it will be ready for it’s first test ride.


After the initial oohs and ahhs you will be ready to install the accessories that come with every all terrain wheelchair we sell. We decided to include the luggage, tow strap, and spare parts after looking at competitors chairs and finding the ordering process could become a little confusing. Extreme Motus opted to just make one solid off road wheelchair with all the bells and whistles included.

Handlebar Bag

The handlebar bag is great for smaller items that you may need quick access to. When I’m pushing Sam on an adventure I use it to store my mobile device, GoPro, maybe a few snacks, and a small stack of business cards because we’re often stopped along the trail and asked questions about the chair.

Attaching with 3 Velcro straps this bag is very easy to install, and should only take you a few minutes.

Seat Bag

The bag that hangs on the back of the seat is large enough to carry a picnic lunch, camera gear, a spare jacket, etc. It’s a water resistant roll top bag, but it isn’t waterproof. So I suggest removing it if you’re going into deep water.

Once the roll top is closed there is some Velcro that keeps it closed, as well as a buckle strap that can be cinched down to keep your gear in place. This buckle is easy to forget about because of the angle at which the bag sits the buckle swings down out of the way. But make sure to remember to buckle it before you start moving again. I’ve stepped on the hanging strap before and it’s almost tripped me a few times.

To mount the Seat bag slide the plastic hooks on the bag onto the metal rods that stick out from the spine of the seat until you hear them click into place. Then wrap the included bungie cord around the axle of the chair and hook it to the D ring on the back side of the bag. This will keep the bag from swinging around too much as you are hiking.

Tow Strap/Safety Leash

Also included with your X3 is the tow strap you may have seen us using in some of our other videos. We use this to help lighten the load for the person pushing on more difficult hikes. It’s also safer to have an extra set of hands on the wheelchair when off-roading or tacking steep terrain.

This strap can be attached to the chair using the loops tied on either end of the strap. So you don’t need to worry about tying a knot, and having to fight with it later when you need to remove the strap.

What goes up must come down, and this strap also makes for an extra safety measure when you are on your way back down the trail. Simply remove it from the front of the chair, and wrap it around the handlebar stem and put the loop around your wrist. Now the tow strap has become a safety leash and should the person pushing the chair trip and fall they will still be able to keep the chair from rolling away from them.

Spare Parts

The X3 all terrain wheelchair ships with a few spare parts that we tended to disappear for some of our customers.

You will receive an extra pin and spacer ring for the rear wheels. Depending on how you are transporting the X3 you may need to remove the rear wheels, which means removing the pin and spacer that hold them in place. These pins and spacers have been known to fall into the quantum realm once removed, so keep the spares in your luggage just in case.

There are 2 pins that keep the front wheel locked in place. These 2 pins have strings that keep them attached to the frame of the wheelchair, so they are hard to lose, but it has happened so we also send you a spare one of these.

Should you manage to loose the originals and the spares we send, open up google and type in, “Tractor Supply” they will have what you need.

Handlebar Adjustment


The height of the handlebar of the X3 can be adjusted with the included mulitool. Give the chair a quick test drive and decide if it needs to be adjusted up or down. Loosen up a few allen head bolts, move it to your happy place, and tighten everything back down.



As the front wheel of the chair swings into place you will notice 2 different holes in the frame of the chair. This gives you the option to have the seat more reclined or slightly less reclined. Some people may be more comfortable in one position over the other, so be sure and play with this to find out which is best for you.

More reclined, and more of an angle on the foot rest.

More upright seat position, and footrest is flatter leaving the seat are.

Keep The Box

Extreme Motus has a 30 day money back guarantee. So hang on to the box you chair arrived in. Should you decide the X3 isn’t everything you hoped it would be you will have the original box to send it back to us.

Keep the box for at least 30 days just encase you need to return your wheelchair.


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