Flying with the Extreme Motus Off-Road Wheelchair

Can I take the X3 on a plane?

We are often asked what it is like to take the Extreme Motus off-road wheelchair on an airplane. Many of our customers want to travel with their X3 visit far off beaches as they check items off their bucket lists.

Air Travel with the X3

I currently know of 2 different Extreme Motus customers who have flown with their X3. Both flew from the Salt Lake City, Utah airport.

The Adams family flew on Delta Airlines to the East Coast to visit Maine. This customer used the X3 as their primary wheelchair. They entered the airport with the X3, went through the TSA security checkpoint, and all the way to the gate with the wheelchair.

Once at the gate he carried his daughter into the plane and the X3 was checked at the gate. They didn’t report any issues traveling through the airport with the X3 off-road wheelchair. 

Aloha Extreme Motus

The Crowshaw family recently flew from Salt Lake City, Utah on Southwest Airlines to visit the island of Kauai with their X3.

They also used the X3 as their primary wheelchair and checked it at the gate. 

Everyone was very accommodating! They were worried about the weight of the chair but they managed.”

Something to think about when using the X3 as your primary wheelchair on a trip like this is the X3 is meant for the outdoors. It can fit through a standard 36″ door frame. But navigating a resort or fitting into an elevator can be tricky

The X3 is about 6 feet long so making sharp turns in a tight hallway is tough. You may need to fold up the chair to navigate indoor areas like this. 

off-road wheelchair in hawaii

Can I check the X3 as luggage?

I wish I had a better answer to this question. So far the 2 people who have flown with the X3 have gate-checked it. 

If and when I have a report of one of our customers checking the X3 off-road wheelchair as luggage I will update this section of the article. 

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