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Are Wheeleez Tires Durable?

Why does extreme motus use wheeleez tires?

Extreme Motus uses Wheeleez Balloon tires on the X3 because they are durable, lightweight, and provide a soft ride to the person riding in the chair. This helps keep the cost and the weight of the X3 down because don’t need to add a suspension system to the build. 

Sam and I have been torture testing the Extreme Motus X3 and in turn Wheeleez balloon tires for over 2 years at skateparks, National Parks, State Parks, and mountain trails near our home. Together we have made over 300 TikTok videos of our adventures. So far we have experienced only one flat tire, and it came after a day at a mountain bike park where we were jumping the chair several feet into the air. 

We finished our fun at the bike park, but the tire managed to develop a slow leak that day and found the chair with a flat tire the next morning in the garage. 

On the off chance you manage to get a puncture in the Wheeleez tire they can be easily repaired and put back into service. 

In service for 15 years

Not long ago Extreme Motus was looking into ordering an entire container of Wheeleez to keep up with our manufacturing demands. 

I spoke with a person in Hong Kong and they told me there are some Wheeleez that have been in service for 15 years!

The California Coastal Commission provides free beach wheelchair rentals at many beaches along the California coast. Some of these wheelchairs have been using the same set of tires for 15 years. How’s that for durability! 

Wheeleez Tires

All terrain Wheeleez

The Extreme Motus isn’t just for the beach. We manufacture the ultimate hiking/adventure wheelchair. Can we do long walks on the beach? No problem.

Can we do long walks through Mordor to Mount Doom while being hunted by elite Uruk-hai orcs? Also no problem.

Uruk-hai Orcs

We have customers who push their 90-year-old mother around the block because the chair is comfortable and supportive for them and they don’t want to feel every bump in the sidewalk. We have customers who like to get banged up while they compete in Dirty Dash mud runs.

The Extreme Motus X3 is an off-road wheelchair that can do it all. 

off road wheelchair on rocky trail

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