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Off-road Wheelchair Sledding

My favorite thing about the X3 off-road wheelchair is how it unites friends and family. Sam has Cerebral Palsy, but he isn’t the only one affected by the disease. When planning an activity his friends, caretakers, and family all need to decide if a wheelchair can do whatever the thing they want to do is. Today we went “Wheelchair Sledding.”

Wheelchair Sledding

A simple activity like sledding would be off limits with a regular wheelchair. So without the Emma X3 off-road wheelchair we wouldn’t have been able to go out together and play in the snow and have the great time we did.

Not many wheelchairs can be taken in the snow. The large tires of the Emma X3 roll over snow just like every other type of terrain. Last weekend Sam Durst gathered some friends and family and headed up Hobble Creek Canyon to test the Emma X3 on the frozen tundra.

The X3 did great on the sections of the trail that had been trampled down by sleds and people walking. Pushing through the deep powder was a bit of a chore, but we all had a blast playing in the snow.

Sam and friends enjoying the snow.


Normally people have more fun going down the hill on a sledding trip, but everyone seemed to laugh the hardest trying to push Sam back up the hill.

Each trip up the hill was a different catastrophe with people slipping and sliding and losing their grip on the wheelchair and falling into the snow laughing.

Like Sam participating in the Dirty Dash the X3 continues to open doors to new experiences. For Sam this chair is a mobility solution. However the real magic behind the chair is how it allows Sam to do things with his family that he couldn’t do before.

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