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Rehabmart lists the Emma X3 as the #1 all terrain wheelchair

#1 All Terrain Wheelchair recently published an article called The 5 Best Wheelchairs for the Outdoors. The article lists the best outdoor wheelchair in 5 different categories. All terrain wheelchairs, Beach wheelchairs, Pool wheelchairs, Sports wheelchairs, and Skiing wheelchairs.


With some tough competition out there we were pleased to learn that our very own Emma X3 was listed as the the #1 all terrain wheelchair on the market today.

The Extreme Motus Emma X3 All terrain wheelchair is at home from skate parks to National Parks, and has been tortured by Sam and Ryan in a steady stream of wild TikTok adventures.

Rehabmart is an authorized dealer for Extreme Motus. Check out the X3 listing in their online marketplace.




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