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Advenchair VS Extreme Motus X3 Off-road Wheelchair

Extreme Motus X3


The Extreme Motus Off-road wheelchair is designed for people who need a caretaker to help them go exploring. The powerful disk brakes make hiking back down the mountain safe and easy.

Many of our customers purchase an X3 for their children who have grown too big to be transported in a backpack. These families want to continue exploring and enjoying the outdoors with the entire family and the X3 allows them to do just that.

The Advenchair (cool name!) is a rugged off-road manual wheelchair that is pushed or pulled by friends and family to allow wheelchair users to visit places they may have had a hard time getting to in a standard wheelchair. 

One great feature of the Advenchair is its ability to transform from a long adventure wheelchair into a wheelchair that is a more “normal” size. After your hike, you can make your way inside a restaurant for a snack.



Cost: $3,999

Weight: 52 pounds

Contact Info:

1819 N Main St #9

Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Cost: $9,950

Weight: 60 pounds

Contact information:



BEND, OR 97702

Extreme Motus off road wheelchair



Brakes – One of the main advantages of the X3 is the brakes. Each wheel is equipped with independent disk brakes. Wheelchair hiking without brakes is dangerous.

Supportive Seat – The X3 uses a racecar seat which gives additional support on the sides. Wheelchair users who can’t push themselves often need this additional support to stay sitting up straight.

Frame – The anodized aluminum frame of the X3 has been torture tested by Ryan and Sam everywhere from Skate Parks to National Parks. They have taken it off jumps and done everything. This chair is bulletproof.

Brakes – Rear disk brakes will allow you to safely descend steep terrain.

Transformer – Being able to remove the front wheel to turn the all terrain wheelchair into a regular wheelchair is a cool feature.

Rugged – Solid design will allow it to take a beating as you and your friends explore your favorite trails

Off-road wheelchair on jump
off-road wheelchair



Care Taker Assist – The X3 is not designed to be self-propelled. A caretaker must push the rider in the chair. This may not be the best choice for a wheelchair user with good upper body strength.

Interchangeable Wheels – The X3 only has one option for wheels. The large low-pressure, tires give the rider a comfortable ride.

Supply Chain – The X3 is often on backorder during the summer months because of supply chain issues. 

Price – With a price of $9,950 this the most expensive manual all terrain wheelchair we have reviewed.

Weight – This wheelchair tips the scale at 60 pounds which puts it on the heavier side of the chairs in this category. It weighs 55 pounds with the front wheel removed.

Suspension – Advenchair only has suspension on the front wheel. Without suspension under the rider it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Off-road wheelchair in mud
off-road wheelchair


The X3 from Extreme Motus is the ultimate hiking wheelchair. Its large low-pressure tires, powerful disc brakes, a super durable frame, and optional luggage systems make the X3 the perfect adventure chair. If you are looking for a wheelchair that will allow you and your family to adventure outdoors then the X3 is the right choice for you.

The Advenchair looks to be a solid piece of outdoor mobility equipment. This off-road wheelchair gives our own Extreme Motus X3 good competition and we always welcome more mobility devices that will help people enjoy the outdoors!

It is a little heavier than the X3 but comes with a transforming feature the X3 doesn’t have. It’s also a lot more expensive and you could buy 2.5 X3’s for the price of one Advenchair.

Do your research decide what features you need. Figure out your budget and buy the chair that is going to get you outside and enjoy all the nature has to offer!

The Perfect Wheelchair?

At Extreme Motus we want to help you find your perfect wheelchair. Be sure to check out the Off-road Wheelchair Research Center to help find the perfect outdoor mobility device for you.

Getting outside is important to our mental and physical health. Wheelchair users tend to spend more time inside than non-wheelchair users because they don’t have the right equipment to get out into nature. 

Choose the right equipment and you’ll have one less excuse to sit inside and miss out on the beauty our planet is waiting to share with you.

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At A Glance

Weight: 44 pounds

Cost: 5873

Self propelled: yes

Contact Info:

+44 (0) 1270 842616

Wybunbury Road, Walgherton, Cheshire,

CW5 7NG, United Kingdom


Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair

The first Mountain Trike was developed in 2007 by inventor Time Morgan. Several revsions later the company has grown and now produces 3 different models.

Mountain Trike is a 3 wheeled wheelchair manufactured in the United Kingdom. The 3rd smaller wheel in the back of the chair can be controlled by the operator with a sort of “steering wheel” on one of the push levers.

Lever Power

Similar to the Grit Freedom chair the Mountain Trike is propelled by levers. The biggest difference between the 2 chairs is that in order to turn the Grit chair you use the levers to brake one wheel while pushing the other. This means you will lose some momentum each time you need to make a turn. 

Steering Made Easy

With the Mountain Trike you can coast along a trail and make turns with the steering mechanism without losing any speed. Using levers to push yourself is more efficient than pushing on directly on the tires, but it still takes a lot of energy. With the Freedom wheelchair you will lose some of that hard earned energy each time you make a turn.

The Mountain Trike is not built for speed. It’s standard gear ratio is better for climbing a hill than for going fast. The sprocket can be swapped out for stronger people or those who live in flat areas. But for most off-road applications operators will want an easy gear ratio.

The Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair is available in 3 different models.

  • Self propelled
  • Caretaker propelled
  • Electric Assist

The self propelled version can be upgraded to the electric assist if you decide you need the extra help later.


Electric assist – Propelling yourself over the type of terrain this chair is designed for will be a serious workout for your arms. Having a little help from the battery is a great option.

Steering – Steering the chair with one hand allows operators to hold hands with someone as they go for a walk together.

Air Suspension – Equipped with suspension to smooth out the bumps on your adventure.


Mountain bike tires – Depending on the terrain a standard mountain bike tire may have difficulty in loose sand, mud, or snow.

Price – The base model of the Mountain Trike is $5873. Add a battery and a motor the price can climb to $8885.00

Steering – Steering the wheelchair like a boat rudder can take some getting used to.

Who it’s for

Wheelchair users who have a strong upper body, and want the independence to explore on under their own power. Also not so strong users who opt for the battery assisted model will enjoy the Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair.


GRIT Freedom Chair – Also powered by levers and with its third wheel in the front this wheelchair is the Moutain Trikes main competition.


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