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Wheelchair Pheasant Hunting

On Saturday January 11th I had the chance to go pheasant hunting with the Chairbound Sportsman of Utah. Many hunters and volunteers gathered in Mosida on the west side of Utah Lake.

Assistive Devices

The hunters moved around with a variety of assistive devices. There were several Action Tracker chairs, side by side UTV’s, some 4 wheelers with custom chairs built on the front, and one Emma X3 off-road wheelchair.

Mud was the favorite curse word of the day. As we made our way through the fields it bogged down everything. The mud may have slowed us down but we still made our way through the fields following the dogs as they sniffed out the pheasants.

The hunters spread out across the field and made ready for a bird to fly across their zone. We split into 2 groups and all of the hunters in my group were able to shoot a bird, one guy got 4.

The dogs were well trained and did a great job of pointing and finding the birds. I had never been to a pheasant hunt before and was amazed at how well the birds were able to camouflage themselves.

Pushing the Emma X3 off-road wheelchair through those muddy fields was exhausting. To make things worse towards the end of the day we managed to pick up some bailing twine in the rear axle and it felt like we were pushing in the mud with the brakes on.

I had some great helpers which allowed me to work on taking videos and photos of the event. Thanks to the Chairbound Sportsman for inviting me to such a fun event.

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