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TracFab All Terrain Wheelchairs Review

TracFab All Terrain Wheelchairs

At A Glance

Gas Model

Weight: 600 pounds
Range on 5 gallon tank: 35 miles
Cost: $11,995.00 & Up
Speed: 5-6mph
Weight limit: 350 lbs
Manufactured: USA

Electric Model

Weight: 485 pounds
Range: 8-9 miles
Cost: $13,995.00
Speed: 3-4mph
Weight limit: 350 lbs
Manufactured: USA

Meet the TracFab

TracFab manufactures 3 different models of tracked wheelchairs in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. It’s difficult to look at TracFab without comparing them to the Action Trackchair. But there are a few key differences between the 2 competitors.

Gas power

To cure off-road wheelchair users of any range anxiety Tracfab offers a gas powered tracked wheelchair. This chair tips the scale at a whopping 600 pounds.  but so long as you have a few jerry cans of fuel around you don’t need to worry about running out of power and being stuck in the woods.


Floating Seat

TracFab all terrain wheelchairs don’t have any suspension on the tracks, but does smooth out the bumps with a floating seat. We like this seat not just because of the added comfort factor, but also becuase it comes with a 5 point harness to keep from falling forward when when desending a hill.

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Chain Drive

TracFab chairs are chain driven rather than direct drive like the Action Trackchair. This means that the gear ratio on the chair can be adjusted to suit the user. It isn’t a transmission that can be shifted on the fly, but removing the chain and swapping out the sprockets for a different size can be done. 

If you plan on towing heavy loads having a lower gear ratio will slow you down a little, but it will also give your chair more torque while putting less strain on your motor. This is important with the electric version of the chair because having the proper gear ratio keeps the batteries and motors from doing more work than they need to. Overheated batteries and motors will drain quickly and could leave you stranded.


Range – Gas version has an impressive range of 35 miles on a single tank.

Clearance – With 6” of ground clearance the gas model can clear obstacles twice as high as any Action Trackchair model.

Suspension – Floating seat suspension helps smooth out the bumps.


Weight – At 485 pounds for the electric and 600 pounds for the gas model, both versions are heavier than competitors.

Transportation – Requires a truck or trailer in order to move the chair. Some people may find driving a TracFab up a ramp into a truck to be a little unnerving.

Who it’s for

The gas powered model really sets TracFab apart from the other tracked mobility devices on the market. If you are the kind of person who wants to go for a week long camping or hunting trip you won’t be able to plug a battery powered chair in every 10 miles and let it charge for 10 hours. 

Weight – 600 lbs

Width – 36″

Length – 61″

Height 61″

Seat Height – 23″

Ground Clearance – 6″

Range – 45+ miles

Speed – 5 – 6 mph


The Competition

Action Trackchair – Similar to the TracFab uses tank treads. Many different models including a standing version, but they don’t make a gas powered wheelchair.

Overland 4ZS – An electric off road wheelchair with wheels rather than tracks. There both advantages and disavatages to using wheels over tracks so it’s worth a look.

– HexHog – A 6 wheel drive all terrain wheelchair with suspension, great traction, and a 9.5 mph top speed. Made in the United Kingdom.

Contact Information –

Trac Fabrication Inc.

111 Arrowhead Drive

Unit D

Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Tel: (717) 862-8722


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