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Disc Golf is hard

I love throwing around a frisbee with friends and many years ago when I mistakenly thought running was fun I played a lot of Ultimate Frisbee. I thought Disc Golf would be easy because I’m pretty accurate with a Frisbee. 

I was wrong.

Disc Golf isn't frisbee

When Sam and I took his Extreme Motus Off-Road Wheelchair to the Spanish Fork Disc Golf course I had a big surprise the first time I tried to throw the smaller disc.

It banked hard to the right and hit the ground very quickly. Sam let me know the problem was I, “Throw like a girl.”

The Spanish Fork course was perfect for the X3 off-road wheelchair. This isn’t a nicely manicured course with rolling grass hills. We had to roll over rocks, gravel, dirt, logs, and through the weeds in order to make it from the tee to the goal. 

Disc Golf Wheelchair

It didn't get easier

I’d like to say that I got better as Sam and I wheeled our way around the course but I didn’t. Sam and I will need a lot more practice before we can compete at the professional level we aspire to. 

While we didn’t have much luck playing disc golf we did have fun making this video and goofing around together. And that is what all this is really about. 

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