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Vippamat Hippocampe vs Extreme Motus X3 Off-road Wheelchair


Extreme Motus X3

The Vipamat Hippocampe (Hippocampe = Seahorse in French) is manufactured in France. It is a versatile off-road wheelchair that can be equipped with dual bike tires, balloon tires, and even a set of skis. 

The chair can be self-propelled by the user by gripping the wheels and pushing forward. Your hands may get dirty depending on the terrain you are exploring but it’s a nice option to have. 

The Extreme Motus Off-road wheelchair is designed for people who need a caretaker to help them go exploring. The powerful disk brakes make hiking back down the mountain safe and easy.

Many of our customers purchase an X3 for their children who have grown too big to be transported in a backpack. These families want to continue exploring and enjoying the outdoors with the entire family and the X3 allows them to do just that.



Weight: 37.5 pounds

Cost: $3,280 – $3,964

Self propelled: yes

Contact Info:


3 Rue Gustave

Eiffel 56270 PLOEMEUR

Weight: 52 pounds

Cost: $3,999

Self propelled: no

Contact Info:


1819 N Main St #9

Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Hippocampe off road wheelchair
Off road wheelchair goblin valley



Ski Kit – If you live somewhere cold be sure to check out the available ski kit.

Self propelled  Many people want the option to be able to push themselves in off-road situations, or to at least be able to help the person pushing them. With the Vipamat Hippocampe users can push themselves. 

Float – This chair floats in water. It’s really cool to watch videos of wheelchair users pushing themselves into the water and go for a swim while the chair floats nearby, swim back to the chair and wheel themselves back to dry land.

Brakes – One of the main advantages of the X3 is the brakes. Each wheel is equipped with independent disk brakes. Wheelchair hiking without brakes is dangerous.

Supportive Seat  The X3 uses a racecar seat which gives additional support on the sides. Wheelchair users who can’t push themselves often need this additional support to stay sitting up straight. 

Frame – The anodized aluminum frame of the X3 has been torture tested by Ryan and Sam everywhere from Skate Parks to National Parks. They have taken it off jumps and done everything. This chair is bulletproof.

Hippocampe off road wheelchair
Extreme Motus off road wheelchair



Self propelled – Yes this is both a pro and a con. Unlike a standard wheelchair, there isn’t a push ring on the side of the wheel. Your hands will be directly on the tire. This means the mud, sand, snow, etc. you are rolling through is going to be on your hands too.

Order Process – While researching the Hippocampe I found the buying process to be confusing. There are 40 different options a buyer needs to decide on ranging in price from $63 all the way up to $1315, and they often aren’t explained very well.

Brakes – The optional brakes on this wheelchair are a parking brake system. They aren’t meant to help control the chair while descending a hill.

Care Taker Assist – The X3 is not designed to be self-propelled. A caretaker must push the rider in the chair. This may not be the best choice for a wheelchair user with good upper body strength. 

Interchangeable Wheels – Unlike the Hippocampe the X3 only has one option for wheels. The large low-pressure, durable, Wheeleez tires give the rider a comfortable ride.

Supply Chain – The X3 is often on backorder because of supply chain issues. If you’re interested in purchasing an X3 be sure to reach out to see what Extreme Motus has in stock.

Hippocampe off road wheelchair
Extreme Motus off road wheelchair


The X3 from Extreme Motus is the ultimate hiking wheelchair. Its large low-pressure tires, powerful disc brakes, a super durable frame, and optional luggage systems make the X3 the perfect adventure chair. If you are looking for a wheelchair that will allow you and your family to adventure outdoors then the X3 is the right choice for you.

The Hippocampe from Vippamat is a great beach wheelchair. The ability of the user to push themselves in this wheelchair is a big advantage for people with a disability that doesn’t affect their arms. If you have the upper body strength to push yourself the Hippocampe is a great option for you. 

The perfect Wheelchair?

At Extreme Motus we want to help you find your perfect wheelchair. Getting outside is important to our mental and physical health. Wheelchair users tend to spend more time inside than non-wheelchair users because they don’t have the right equipment to get out into nature. 

Choose the right equipment and you’ll have one less excuse to sit inside and miss out on the beauty our planet is waiting to share with you.

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Rehabmart lists the Emma X3 as the #1 all terrain wheelchair

#1 All Terrain Wheelchair recently published an article called The 5 Best Wheelchairs for the Outdoors. The article lists the best outdoor wheelchair in 5 different categories. All terrain wheelchairs, Beach wheelchairs, Pool wheelchairs, Sports wheelchairs, and Skiing wheelchairs.


With some tough competition out there we were pleased to learn that our very own Emma X3 was listed as the the #1 all terrain wheelchair on the market today.

The Extreme Motus Emma X3 All terrain wheelchair is at home from skate parks to National Parks, and has been tortured by Sam and Ryan in a steady stream of wild TikTok adventures.

Rehabmart is an authorized dealer for Extreme Motus. Check out the X3 listing in their online marketplace.




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