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Meet the Barton Family

Meet the Barton Family

One cool wheelchair brings the WHOLE family together for family time.

In a lot of ways, Tyler Barton is your average 12-year-old boy. He likes to have fun. He likes to be outside, and he loves spending time with his family. 

But for the past 12 years, being together outdoors as a family rarely meant the entire family was together. 

“In the past, it’s always been a situation where somebody has to wait in the car with Tyler, or we had to leave Tyler at home,” his mom, Janette, said. 

Tyler was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a disorder that causes a premature fusion of the bones in the skull. Over his short life, Tyler has had more than 30 surgeries. In one of his first brain surgeries, a bleed created long-term effects on Tyler’s motor skills. 

But that hasn’t held Tyler back. “He’s a super stud who loves to do a lot of things,” Tyler’s dad, Joe, said. “He’s the toughest person I know.” 

The “Cool Wheelchair” 

The Barton Family lives an active lifestyle filled with sports and hiking, pastimes that can be difficult or impossible in an average wheelchair. 

“In a regular wheelchair, it has even been hard for us to get through grass at a baseball game,” Janette said. “Which is why we get to ride in the cool wheelchair.”

The “cool wheelchair” is Tyler’s Emma X3 off road wheelchair. With its all terrain wheelchair tires and long, narrow design, the X3 can travel over difficult terrain with ease. And it’s a smooth ride for Tyler. 

“We can do trail hikes. We can go rock climbing. We can go over hills, in the mud, over weeds, and we have fun,” Joe said. 

Family Time Means Together Time

On a recent family trip through Arizona, the Bartons stopped off to enjoy a scenic overlook at Horshoe Bend. The whole family was excited to experience some of nature’s most beautiful handiwork. 

Unfortunately, when the Bartons arrived, they saw that the short trail to the overlook was made of sand. 

“There was no way we could take the regular wheelchair. So, Mom and Tyler had to stay back at the parking lot while everyone else went up to the overlook. It was sad that we couldn’t all be together,” Joe said. 

With the Emma X3, the Bartons never have to spend family time apart again. 

“We recently went to a haunted hike for Halloween, and for the first time in 12 years we all got to go and experience the same experience,” Janette says. 

The hike promised to take the Bartons past werewolves and mummies, but the scariest obstacle was the terrain — a steep incline through trees and over rocks in the dark of the night. 

“We’ve never been able to go on a hike. Not even a little hike, and this was an extreme hike,” Joe said. “But we didn’t even have to worry about getting up there. The chair was super easy to push.”

With his “cool wheelchair” in tow, Tyler is ready to take on a world of new adventures. 

“It has opened up a lot more opportunities for us to be able to go as a family and experience some of the things that we’ve always wanted to show Tyler,” Janette said. 

Discover our groundbreaking all terrain manual wheelchair: The Emma X3. Adventure starts today!


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Getting Down and Dirty

Getting Down & Dirty

An extreme wheelchair. An extreme race. Time to tackle the Dirty Dash 5K.

Extreme sports require an extreme wheelchair, and when the Emma X3 arrives, you know you’re about to have an extremely fun time.

Our good friend Sam Durst and his parents, Roger and Christine, decided to put the most extreme wheelchair on the market to the test. So, they teamed up with their pal Ryan Grassley to tackle the filthiest race they could find.

The Dirty Dash is an intense course for even the most seasoned runners. Athletes aren’t just running a 5K. They’re trekking the distance through mud pits, slides, foam baths, and mountains of sludge.

It’s an obstacle course of challenges that would completely wreck the average wheelchair. But not ours.

We made the Emma X3 for breaking through rough terrain. The large tires easily traverse mud and gravel. It even floats in water.

Putting An Extreme Wheelchair To The Test


Through the course of the race, the team tackled a variety of different obstacles. They traveled on grass, dirt, and gravel trails, moving over (and even under) barriers, all while navigating cold, wet, mud.

Some of the obstacles required help from other runners. With a few extra hands, Sam was lowered into pits of muddy water, floated to the other side, and pulled back out onto the trail.

Luckily, the Emma X3’s lightweight frame meant no one was lifting too intensely. They did, however, have to work to keep their footing in the slippery sludge.

“When we reached those obstacles and strangers helped us, I felt like they were having more fun, because we were there and they could party with us, than they would have had without us,” Ryan said.

With teamwork, determination, and no fear of getting dirty, Sam, Ryan, Christine, and Roger all crossed the finish line.

The real test of the Emma X3’s success is what Sam thought of the ride. “I’m having the time of my life,” he said.

Sounds like a stamp of approval, albeit a muddy one, to us.

Discover the world’s most extreme wheelchair: The Emma X3. Adventure starts today!



How big is the X3 off-road beach wheelchair?

Size – Length, Width, Weight?


This article discusses the dimensions of the Emma X3 off-road/beac wheelchair. In it you will learn:

1. How wide is the Emma X3 off road wheelchair.

2. How long is the Emma X3 off road whellchair.

3. How heavy is the Emma X3 off road wheellchair.

4. How the Emma X3 off road wheelchair Folds for transport or storage.

This Video Help Explain

Note: (In the above video the rear wheels of the chair are easily removed with a pin. In current models we have moved the disk brakes from the from to the rear wheels. This change has made braking much better but means the wheels are no longer as easy to remove and we recommend leaving them in place during storage or transport.)

The Monster Truck Of Wheelchairs.

This outdoor wheelchair is unparalleled in mobility, comfort, and durability. But when you see that the Emma X3 is basically a 4×4 wheelchair (minus that one wheel), you might find yourself wondering , “Do I have room for this”?

How Wide Is The Emma X3

The large wheels cause a sort of optical illusion causing the wheelchair to look wider than it is. The Emma X3 is rugged, but also designed for navigation tight spaces.

The X3 is actually a narrow wheelchair. In fact, when you place it next to a standard size wheelchair, you’ll see that they both have about the same width. The all terrain wheels are large enough to roll over grass, rocks, and even float in water, but the Emma X3 will still fit through most regular-sized doors. The rear wheels are 32″ wide. Skinny enough to fit through the standard 33″ exterior door of a home.

How Long Is The Emma X3

During use the X3 is 6 feet long. It’s length and low center of gravity give it stability on the trail. An aluminum frame and all terrain wheels create a durable but light chair for tackling even the roughest terrain.

How Heavy Is The Emma X3

Our wheelchair is made from nearly 100% aluminum. At 49 pounds most people can lift it into the back of a van or truck by themselves. If you have a truck you can load the X3 the easy way. Don’t pull the pins or fold the chair. lean the chair back, put the front wheel on the tailgate, lift the chair into the truck.

How Do I Store The Emma X3

During use the X3 is 6 feet long. It’s length and low center of gravity give it stability on the trail. An aluminum frame and all terrain wheels create a durable but light chair for tackling even the roughest terrain.

Emma X3 Easy Use

When you are done using your chair, simply pull the two base pins. The X3 folds in half in seconds without the use of tools. The pins are tethered to the chair so they won’t be lost when it’s time to ride.

When configured for storage the length of the chair is cut in half. Dropping from 72 to 31 inches.

Small Space, Big Adventures

When you make space for the Emma X3 you’re also making space for more freedom, travel and fun. If you want to learn more or have question about the Emma X3 off-road wheelchair please give me a call, text, or send an email.

Ryan Grassley


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Meet the Durst Family

Meet The Durst Family

When Sam Durst was young, his family loved to go to the beach.

Since Sam was in a wheelchair, the Durst Family’s approach to beach day required some modification. His father or brother would carry him across the sand and out into the water to help him swim in the waves.

But as Sam grew older, it became more difficult for the Dursts to do these types of activities. A day at the beach now required help from a few strong friends or family members to carry both Sam and his wheelchair onto the sand.

“We’d lay out a towel and set Sam’s wheelchair on top of it so it wouldn’t get sand on it. Then, he would just have to sit there because we couldn’t risk harming the chair,” Sam’s mom Christine Durst said. “He was left parked in the chair while everyone else was out on the water.”

That was the status quo — until we put Sam in an off road beach wheelchair.

A Better Beach Wheelchair

The Emma X3 off-road wheelchair opened the door to new experiences for the Durst family. The large all terrain wheelchair wheels glide over sand and rocks with ease but are buoyant enough to float in the water.

The lightweight wheelchair frame weighs only 49 pounds making it simple to lift and maneuver through both the sand and the water. And the entire wheelchair folds in half for easy transportation to and from the shore.

Equipped with his new beach wheelchair, Sam no longer had to stay on the sand. He could freely move from the beach out into the water and back, enjoying the day like everyone else.

“It gave me the freedom to run with my family and with my nieces and nephews,” Sam said.

Is Delicate Arch wheelchair Accessible?

The chair also offered a new sense of freedom to Sam’s parents.

“We had no worries about having to carry him, no worries about his wheelchair getting damaged,” Christine said. “We are now able to things with Sam that we haven’t been able to do for a long time.”


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Introducing the Emma X3

A Wheelchair That’s Ready For Adventure

Disability should not mean inability.

At Extreme Motus, we believe everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the world around them. As human beings, we are born with an innate sense of adventure and excitement. Nature designed us to explore and investigate our surroundings — and a lack of mobility shouldn’t prevent us from doing so.

That’s why we designed the Emma X3, an all terrain wheelchair for rolling over the barriers that stand in the way of so many individuals.

We work to make outdoor experiences possible. Being outside is good for all-around health. When you spend time in the outdoors, stress, depression, and anxiety decrease. You can even improve your blood pressure and help prevent cancer.

Unlike other mobility chairs, we equipped the Emma X3 with all terrain wheelchair tires designed for smooth travel over rocks, grass, and sand. As a result of the large wheels, the chair is buoyant enough to float in water.

Our chairs are made of lightweight materials, weighing in at only 49 pounds, and fold in half for easy transportation and storage. Chairs come in 17 inch and 13 inch seat widths and feature a 180 lbs weight capacity.

Adjust the chair height for easy pushing. When you need to stop, we equipped each chair with disk brakes and a brake lock.

The Emma X3 is an extreme wheelchair that makes an extreme difference in the lives of those who use it. We’re excited to join you on your journey to mobility.

Discover our groundbreaking all terrain manual wheelchair: The Emma X3. Adventure starts today!


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