Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair

At A Glance

Weight: 49 pounds

Length 72
Width 38
Height 48

Capacity 350 pounds

Cost: $2,340.00 – $2,605.00

Self propelled: No

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5329 Hamilton Lane 

Virginia Beach, 23462

Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair


The Sand Rider is purpose built for the beach. With large low pressure tires an aluminium frame this wheelchair is ready to spend some days playing in the sand and surf.

We like that the frame of the Sand Rider wraps around the front wheel and can be used as a handle to pull from the front. In certain situations this would come in very handy. A rope could also be attached to this bar so that multiple people could be pulling and pushing to lighten the load.


Transferring into the beach wheelchair is made easy because the armrest quickly swings out of the way allowing the wheelchair user to slide into the seat, and swing the armrest back into place once they are situated.

Low Pressure Wheels

The Sand Rider has 3 wheels and uses the same brand of tire as the Emma X3. These tires are made by Wheeleez and run at only 4 psi. With such low pressure the tires act as suspension for the rider. Smoothing out the bumps as they roll across the beach.

These wheels are also large enough to keep the Sand Rider buoyant in the water, but with a rider in the seat the wheelchair is top heavy and could tip over or capsize in rough waves, or deep water. Always use a life jacket in the water.

Beach Cruiser

Because the main function of the Sand Rider is a day at the beach it doesn’t come with a seat belt as standard equipment, it’s a $60 option. Wearing a seatbelt in the water isn’t a good idea so it does make sense that it isn’t included. 

Wheelchair users who prefer to spend more time floating in the water should look to the similarly priced Mobi-chair with it’s large buoyant armrests that keep it stable in the water.

No Brakes

A parking brake for the Sand Rider beach wheelchair is available as a $140.00 option. However this is only a parking brake and isn’t used to slow the wheelchair down when descending a steep hill. Using the Sand Rider as an off road or hiking wheelchair would give new meaning to the phrase, “Send it!”


The frame of the wheelchair can be quickly disassembled after use, and the tires removed to be placed into a large duffle bag for transportation. Once disassembled the heaviest piece weighs only 12 pounds. A travel bag can be purchased for $225.00.

Reassembling the beach wheelchair can be accomplished in about 2 minutes.


Sand Rider is built using powder coated aluminium. Stainless steel nuts and bolts and nylon washer. Perfect for playing in the salt water of the ocean. These corrosion resistant materials means this wheelchair will last a long time, and only weighs 49 pounds.


Arm Rests – Armrests swing out of the way so the user can transfer into the seat. For an extra $60 it can include a cup holder for your favorite beverage at the beach.

StorageWe like how small the Sand Rider can be. Taking a flight and being able to check your beach wheelchair as luggage is a cool feature.

Price – With a starting price of $2,340 the Sand Rider is one of the more affordable beach wheelchairs we have reviewed.


Brakes – The Sand Rider’s has optional parking brakes, but these aren’t for use while pushing or descending a steep hill. 

Options – There aren’t many options for this wheelchair, but they can be a little pricey if you decide you can’t live without them. Cup holder $60, head rest $200, seat belt $60, parking brakes $140, and a travel bag $225.

Beach Only – The Sand Rider is a good product, but it is specifically designed for the beach. We don’t consider this a multi use wheelchair that would be good for hiking or exploring off the beaten path.

People who live near the beach and enjoy spending more time taking long strolls on the sand rather than floating in the water should consider the Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair.


Emma X3 – Extreme Motus developed this lightweight, all-terrain manual wheelchair to make nature more accessible for people who may not typically get to experience it. Low-pressure tires provide a smooth ride over bumps of all kinds.

Mobi-Chair – Mobi-chair is one of the best wheelchairs for people wanting to spend time in the water with their beach wheelchair. The design incorporates floatation devices as arm rests to keep the wheelchair stable in the water.

VippaMat Hippocampe – Made in France the Hippocampe or “Seahorse” is a 3 wheeled chair with multiple options for beach tires, or even ski’s.

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