RazorBlade All Terrain Wheelchair Review

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Weight: 17.5 pounds

Cost: $1680.00

Self propelled: yes

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2061 Cecilia Circle

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Not Your Grandmas Wheelchair

The RazorBlade all terrain wheelchair has taken the traditional wheelchair design and made it better for offroading by adding mountain bike tires to the rear, larger front wheels to roll over bumps, and suspension for both the front and back wheels. 

People like this wheelchair because of the many great customizable options it offers. The chair comes standard with 0 to 6 degrees of camber and height adjustable and angle adjustable backrest and footrest. And an endless amount of other custom options you must choose during the ordering process.  So many in fact you may need a professional wheelchair fitting expert to help you through the process. Do it right and you will be comfortable and safe in your wheelchair because you will be able to tweak this chair to your liking.

While the RazorBlade all terrain wheelchair does have off-road capabilities I feel this wheelchair would be better suited for the streets of a major urban city where wheelchair users face uneven sidewalks and gaps from subway station platform to train. 

RazorBlade All Terrain Wheelchair

With larger tires and suspension the RazorBlade all terrain wheelchair is certainly capable of handling some bumps on dirt roads. Large rocks, logs, sand or other obstacles will present a problem for this chair. The RazorBlade was designed for light off-road use and for some users that is exactly what they are looking for. 

But if you are looking for serious about off-roading should also consider the GRIT Freedom chair or Mountain Trike off-road wheelchairs. The lever drive of those wheelchairs allow for more force to be sent to the wheels. Meaning you don’t have to be as strong to push them in off-road situations, and you can travel farther before getting worn out. The lever drive also keeps your hands off the tires and out of the mud, sand, water, etc. you are rolling through. Dirty hands is a problem for people people using the Vipamat Hippocampe off-road.

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Price – Priced at $1680.00 the RazorBlade all terrain wheelchair is one of the most affordable off-road wheelchairs we have reviewed.

Suspension – This wheelchair has suspension on both the front and rear tires. Smoothing out the bumps and making for a more comfortable and in control ride.

Weight – At 17.5 pounds the RazorBlade is the lightest all terrain wheelchair we have reviewed.


Tires – With mountain bike tires users will find it difficult to push themselves in the sand.

No Levers – Doesn’t use levers for extra power like the Grit and Mountain Trike.

Off-road – People who really want to get off road should look at other wheelchairs that are longer and have 3 wheels for added stability off road.

Who it’s for

Wheelchair users with strong a strong core and arms who want a more robust and comfortable daily use wheelchair with larger tires and suspension so they don’t feel every bump and pothole while rolling through the city. 


GRIT Freedom Chair – Grit uses levers to propell the chair. These same levers act as brakes. There is a third wheel out in front for added stability.

Moutain Trike – Moutain Trike also uses levers to move forward, but has a thrid wheel behind the chair and a steering joystick on one of the levers so that you don’t have to brake in order to change directions.

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