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The X3 is a manual, off-road wheelchair.

Its long wheelbase gives stability over bumps and allows it to climb 3 stairs at a time. With the center of gravity over the rear axle the chair is easily balanced on the rear wheels to make turns or descend hills in a controlled manner using the independent rear brakes.

Large wheels inflated between 2-4 psi act as suspension for the rider, and allow the chair to be pushed over grass, sand, rocks, mud, snow, and even float in water. The tires are filled with enough air to make the chair buoyant. Wheelchair users can be pushed straight into a pool or lake and play right along with everyone else. The new Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair can take you new places.

The All Terrain Emma X3. It can be difficult to judge how large the X3 is from the photos and videos we post. We like to throw around names like, “The monster truck of wheelchairs” or “Lunar lander vehicle” because it does look giant. When the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is in use, it’s about 6’ long and 32” wide. This is a lot of space when the wheelchair is assembled, but our product is easily collapsible, making for simple storage. This means it’s easy to transport and won’t take up too much room in your garage when not in use. Having access to the outdoors doesn’t just benefit the user. Mom’s and Dad’s, brothers and sisters, friends and caretakers can now all go together to a large percentage of planet Earth that was off limits to them before, not with the new Emma X3 the #1 all terrain wheelchair. Nature is now wheelchair accessible. You don’t need to live a rock n’ roll lifestyle to enjoy our high-strength, lightweight wheelchair. Many of our videos show us participating in extreme events because they make the best videos. The next time you struggle to push your loved one across grassy fields, down sidewalks, or over curbs—feeling every jarring bump—remember there is a better way. If you would like to learn more click here.

What size do I need?
The only difference between sizes is the width of the chair. The length of each wheelchair is the same. For reference, Sam—who stars in most of the Extreme Motus videos—uses a medium sized chair. Sam is about 5’ 1” and weighs 90 pounds.

Weight 49lbs
Wheelbase 47″
Width 32″
Handle Bar Height 40″ – 44″
Comfortable Bucket Seat
Independent Disk Brakes
Our all-terrain wheelchairs come standard with a seat belt. We offer a 5-point harness as an option.


If you are ordering outside the 48 lower states, please contact us here.


Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 48 in


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