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Off-road Stroller in Zion’s National Park

You don’t need to be extreme to enjoy an Extreme Motus Emma X3. When going for a walk on a sidewalk or paved walking path using a chair with some suspension and a long wheelbase makes the trip much nicer for both the person in the wheelchair and the person pushing the wheelchair.

Canyon Overlook Trail

My kids are 5 and 3 years old. Earlier in the day we went for a hike called Canyon Overlook Trail. Canyon Overlook is a 1 mile hike. The trail is very narrow and rocky, but the kids had a great time navigating the trail. They only needed help in a few spots where there are long drop offs. At the top we were greeted with a magnificent view of the canyon below.

There was also a couple at the top taking their wedding pictures. The bride was in a beautiful white dress. My 5 year old daughter thought it was so cool and wanted to know if they had kissed yet.

The off-road “stroller”

After Canyon Overlook Trail we headed back through the tunnel for some easier hikes. But the little ones had already walked enough for one day. So I turned the off-road wheelchair into a stroller and went for a walk on Pa’rus Trail.

Pa’rus Trail is a paved walking path that winds along a river and let the kids see a little more of Zion’s National Park. One of them sat in the seat and the other on the footrest. They had fun playing with their toys while mom and dad pushed. Sam liked to hold his hot wheel car on the front wheel as we rolled along.

Long wheelbase

If you have pushed a standard wheelchair on a sidewalk or paved walking path then you know the short wheelbase can make the chair a little “squirrely” to push. The rider also feels every crack in the sidewalk and every piece of gravel on the walking path.

The Emma X3 shines when being used for mild outdoor activities as well as extreme ones.


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