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Meet Team Surfgimp

I recently discovered Surfgimp when one of the team members saw Sam on Tiktok and left a comment about the Squaw Peak adventure. They Sam and I to Delaware to go surfing. Sam has been able to do many different activities with the help of local groups like the National Ability Center. But surfing is a tricky sport to experience when you live in Utah.

I would love to take them up on the offer some day. But know we would need to take some special precautions because Sam would be so amped up about surfing that the water around him would begin to boil.

The Surfgimp Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disabled people enjoy the ocean. They provide support, knowledge, and special equipment to allow wheelchair users to go surfing.

When Jay Liesener was 17 years old he broke his back and became a quadriplegic. Jay went on to accomplish many great things in his life including graduating from the University of Maryland and going on to teach at Norfolk State University.

These days you can find Jay with his specially modified surfboard shredding waves off the coast of Delaware, or sometimes traveling to Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and California. Jay and the Surfgimp team are always on the hunt for the next great wave to catch.

Learn More About Surfgimp

If you have questions about surfing with a disability or want to help the Surfgimp team with a donation head over to:

And thanks again for the invite! We’ll add it to the bucket list.


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