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Meet SureHands Lift & Care Systems

Extreme Motus is always interested in learning more about equipment that can help people with disabilities get the most out of life. Surehands Lift & Care Systems is a company based in Pine Island, New York and have local representatives spread across the country. SureHands develops equipment that can be installed in care centers or your home to allow people with disabilities to have independence and live on their own.

I thought the type of equipment they manufacture and installed looked very interesting and wanted to learn more about their products so recently I sat down for a long distance quarantine style interview with Kris French the National Sales Director for SureHands Lift & Care Systems.

Q: What is SureHands?

A: SureHands is a company built on the principles of caring for the customer first. We believe that each individual in need of assisted living should be able to do it from the comfort of their home if they choose to. Our mission is to develop, produce and distribute innovative and reliable lifting and care equipment with the principal focus on the interests of the user.

Q: How did SureHands Begin?

A: Entrepreneur Thomas Herceg started SureHands in 1976 with one goal – to help restore health to people on the heels of debilitating illness or injuries. After tragedy struck Herceg’s youngest sister and again with one of his young dedicated technicians in the field, Tom was “all in” for making a meaningful difference with his “start-up”. Through these experiences Tom made sure that the mission of SureHands became more of a calling than a business. The company would be committed to serving all its customers: from a child in Florida with Cerebral Palsy, to a Veteran wounded in Afghanistan, to the aging in place family member who deserves the comfort and quality a home can provide.

SureHands has grown in 44 years to serve Americans in 46 states by offering multiple Handi-Move product lines. With a national design, distribution, and service system in place; we have the capability to provide our unique services across the country. Our number one priority is to impact the quality of life for those living with mobility and hygiene challenges. We are the catalyst for better daily living within the home, and the pursuit of independent living when possible.

Q: What is the average cost of an in home SureHands System?

A: Systems can range from 6k to 12k in total due to the kind of system you want (mobile lift versus a ceiling lift) as well as the cost for installing the product in the persons home.

Q: What programs are available to help with the financing?

A: We currently fund through state Medicaid and the VA. If you are able to pay privately we work with each of our customers to see if there is a price/solution for them in order to make it feasible.

Q: Will I need to modify the framing or doorways in my home?

A: Yes, part of our quote and installation process included the modification of doorways and frames in order for the railing in the ceiling to be incorporated.

Q: What is the weight limit of a SureHands system?

A: 440 Pounds.

Q: What kind of maintenance needs to be performed on a SureHands system?

A: Annual services are strongly advised for our customers, we have different plans available per customer depending on where they live. We also have a service line for any issues that may occur with the system.

Q:  Is the SureHands system only for caretakers to assist people or is it also used by more independent wheelchair users?

A: Our systems are used SPECIFICALLY for people looking to live independently. If you can independently use your wheelchair, then you can DEFINITELY use our system!

Q: Are there any hotels that have installed a SureHands system for disabled travelers?

A: As of right now our equipment is in a number of luxurious hotels in Las Vegas: Aria, Encore, Wynn, Bellagio, Mirage, and Treasure Island.

Q:  Is there a speed setting that can be turned to 11 which transforms the SureHands system into an in home roller coaster?

A: Absolutely not, the remote speed for the system is intended to be one that provides security and stability. If you were to manually push a ceiling lift along the track it could move faster, but that caregiver would have complete control over the speed.

Thanks Kris for joining us today and answering my questions.

If you would like to learn more about the mobility solutions offered by SureHands and how they can help you to live more independently head over to

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