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Meet the Durst Family

Meet The Durst Family

When Sam Durst was young, his family loved to go to the beach.

Since Sam was in a wheelchair, the Durst Family’s approach to beach day required some modification. His father or brother would carry him across the sand and out into the water to help him swim in the waves.

But as Sam grew older, it became more difficult for the Dursts to do these types of activities. A day at the beach now required help from a few strong friends or family members to carry both Sam and his wheelchair onto the sand.

“We’d lay out a towel and set Sam’s wheelchair on top of it so it wouldn’t get sand on it. Then, he would just have to sit there because we couldn’t risk harming the chair,” Sam’s mom Christine Durst said. “He was left parked in the chair while everyone else was out on the water.”

That was the status quo — until we put Sam in an off road beach wheelchair.

A Better Beach Wheelchair

The Emma X3 off-road wheelchair opened the door to new experiences for the Durst family. The large all terrain wheelchair wheels glide over sand and rocks with ease but are buoyant enough to float in the water.

The lightweight wheelchair frame weighs only 49 pounds making it simple to lift and maneuver through both the sand and the water. And the entire wheelchair folds in half for easy transportation to and from the shore.

Equipped with his new beach wheelchair, Sam no longer had to stay on the sand. He could freely move from the beach out into the water and back, enjoying the day like everyone else.

“It gave me the freedom to run with my family and with my nieces and nephews,” Sam said.

Is Delicate Arch wheelchair Accessible?

The chair also offered a new sense of freedom to Sam’s parents.

“We had no worries about having to carry him, no worries about his wheelchair getting damaged,” Christine said. “We are now able to things with Sam that we haven’t been able to do for a long time.”


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