How To Make A GoFundMe Video

How to Start a GoFundMe

“The 5 W’s”

A successful GoFundMe video doesn’t need to be long or complicated. In fact keeping it short is a good way to make sure people finish watching what you create.

  • – Who is your story about?
  • – What exactly happened?
  • – Where did it occur?
  • – When did it happen?
  • – Why are you starting this gofundme?

Sample GoFundMe Script

If you’ve seen the video’s of my friend Sam and I going on adventures an example script for him would look like this:

Who: Hi I’m Sam.

What, When & Where: I was born with with a disability called Cerebral Palsy.

Why: I have used a wheelchair all my life. I am not able to visit many of the places I want to visit because my wheelchair isn’t designed for it. Today I am raising money for an off-road wheelchair that will allow me to enjoy the outdoors and spend more time with my family. With this chair I can go places I’ve only seen pictures of before.

This new chair won’t just help me enjoy life more, but also my family and friends who at times are limited by where I can go.

Call-to-action: So please if your budget allows send a few bucks my way, and when I get my new chair lets go on an adventure together!

Go For It!

Those few lines end up being just over 30 seconds of video. Just long enough to answer “The 5 W’s” and give a call-to-action asking for a donation.

The cool thing about making a video today is just how easy it is. Everyone has a smartphone and that is the only tool you need to make this happen.

So scribble down a few ideas, grab your smartphone and tell your story. Short and sweet is usually best, but if you have a long story to tell that’s okay too. It’s your video and you should make it however you want it to be.

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