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Visiting the beach in a wheelchair can be difficult. The narrow tires of a standard wheelchair sink into the sand and make it  difficult to push yourself or be pushed by someone else. Enter our beach and water wheelchair.

Wheelchair users understand how expensive their daily driver chairs are. Using a road chair over bumpy terrain while getting sand everywhere may lead to expensive repairs.

If you plan to frequent the beach it is best to have a device built for the sand and saltwater you will encounter there. Our sand and water wheelchair empowers you or a loved one to experience all the joys of the beach without the impediments of a traditional wheelchair.

Lightweight frame and all terrain wheels mean even the smallest pusher can get things moving with the Emma X3.

The large low-pressure tires of our sand wheelchair allow the X3 to easily cross beach sand on your way to the ocean. These tires act as suspension for the rider, and allow the person pushing to easily roll over bumps along the way.

Save yourself multiple trips to the car and turn the X3 into a utility vehicle. Place a small cooler on the webbing near the front tire and rest your legs on the cooler. Place towels and snacks in the optional cargo bag behind the seat.

Bouncing over a rock on the trail.


The large tires that allowed you cross the sand also keep the chair buoyant in the water. Rather than bake in the sun on the shore you will be able to join your friends and family in the water.

While in the water we recommend wearing a life jacket and unbuckling the seat belt. The X3 isn’t a boat. It does float but someone will need to hold the handlebars while it is in the water or it will flip over. Don’t go too deep, and don’t go out in rough surf.

Sam floating in the water.

Beach, Sand, and Water Wheelchair


The Emma X3 is made in the USA from an all-aluminum frame and seat. Everything is connected with stainless steel hardware, so you don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion.


During the ordering process you will need to choose the size of your seat. Small, medium, or large. This choice changes the width of the seat only.

The list below will help give you an idea, but you may also want to measure the waist of the person riding in the chair.

  • Small: 14.5″ wide.
    • Riders between 50 – 120 pounds
  • Medium: 16.5″ wide.
    • Riders between 120 – 200 pounds
  • Large: 18.5″ wide.
    • Riders between 200 – 300 pounds

What Is It Like To Push


he Emma X3 is lightweight, mobile, and agile. The center of gravity is over the rear axle of the chair. This allows the driver to pop wheelies to make turns, drive up stairs, curbs, or giant logs.

How easy the chair is to push depends on several factors:

  • How heavy is your rider?
  • What kind of shape are you in?
  • What type of terrain are you pushing them through?

Pushing up steep hills, through mud, or loose sand can be a challenge. During the Delicate Arch hike there were times when 2 people were pushing and 2 more people were pulling. Many hands make light work, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The Emma X3 is a manual beach, sand, and water wheelchair. The benefits of having a manual wheelchair are:

  • No batteries to charge
  • No dead batteries to leave you stranded
  • Cheaper than powered chairs
  • Lightweight – easy to load.
  • Ability to play in the water

Manual wheelchairs are great, but they aren’t for everyone. Some of the obstacles of a manual beach wheelchair are:

  • Lack of independence. Someone will need to push you.
  • That person will need the strength to push you.
  • Difficult to transport. Need to be driven up a ramp onto a truck.


Multipurpose Wheelchair

The X3 beach and water wheelchair is more than the average sand buggy. Our testers have punished the chair in all types of terrain. If you decide to purchase you will be getting a chair that can do it all.

Whatever your level of activity or desire for adventure the Emma X3 is strong enough, and light enough to take you places you never imagined before.

What Is the Cost?




Health insurance providers do not cover mobility devices that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

Extreme Motus makes a durable, long lasting, user friendly and affordable beach wheelchair. It is still wise to plan on budgeting and setting some money aside until you can buy the Emma X3 and access the outdoors.


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