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Hunting Wheelchair

When you’re looking for a hunting wheelchair, finding a solution that applies to all circumstances can be difficult. Wheels, a backrest, a footrest, and at least one mechanism to facilitate motion are just the start; other factors are crucial to finding a hunting wheelchair that works for you. Below we’ve outlined considerations you should make and how our own product—the Emma X3—can be the right fit.

Terrain Maneuverability

Once you reach your destination, getting across bumps, hills, roots, and rocks poses a considerable challenge. A traditional wheelchair simply won’t cut it, as the rigid wheels and imbalanced structure risk instability on non-flat surfaces. Chairbound hunters need wheelchairs that allow them to traverse terrain with greater variability than that of suburban or urban settings. It’s also beneficial if the wheelchair can quickly and deftly maneuver through natural substances such as mud, snow, and water.

No Batteries

The Emma X3 can go as far and as long as you can push it. With no batteries to worry about you and your friends can continue hunting until you’re done, and not when your wheelchair tells you your done.

All of that said, we understand that purchasing an outdoor wheelchair is not in everyone’s immediate budget. To remedy this, we made a resource page on how to crowdfund your off-road wheelchair purchase. Creating a campaign that friends, family members, and others can donate to has the power to bring your wheelchair dreams to life.

Ready for a hunting wheelchair suitable for all environments? Our Emma X3 wheelchair comes in three different sizes and two different colors, so you can find the style you prefer. Shop our online store today to get started.


Ease of Transportation

Getting to your hunting site can be challenging, especially if you’re bringing a lot of equipment. Adding personal transportation to the mix often requires a large truck or van, or sometimes even a trailer. This can cause a headache if you’re unable to fit an electrically powered wheelchair or track chair into your vehicle. Thanks to rigorous development, our Emma X3 works as an all-purpose hunting wheelchair that collapses easily for quick storage.

Cost-Effective Pricing

When the average, traditional wheelchair costs only a few hundred dollars, it may come as a shock to see that an all-terrain outdoor wheelchair costs much more. It’s important to establish a budget before getting an outdoor manual wheelchair, as it’s a much larger purchase than a home appliance or sports equipment. The engineering, hardware, product quality, and usability of rugged terrain wheelchairs constitute a higher cost to produce an excellent user experience. However, we intentionally keep costs as low as possible to make our product accessible to as many consumers as possible.


Storage Compartments

Every Emma X3 comes standard with water bottles, handlebar bag, and large storage compartment behind the seat. You won’t need to carry your gear in a backpack. Put it on wheels and push instead.

Making it Happen

If you don’t think you’re able enough to go hunting we know of 2 groups that would love to change your mind. 

– Disabled Outdoorsmen USA was started in June of 2017 by Weston Jenkins. and has helped 100’s of people experienced the joy and freedom of hunting. 

Chairbound Sportsman Creates hunting, fishing and outdoor opportunities for wheelchair bound individuals and Disabled Veterans.

Both these organizations have several locations throughout the country. Visit their websites to see if there is one near you.

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