AdvenChair All Terrain Wheelchair Review

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Cost: $9,950

Manufactured: USA

Weight: 60 pounds

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BEND, OR 97702

The AdvenChair All Terrain Wheelchair

The Advenchair (cool name!) is new to the market and currently (April 2020) is waiting to secure 10 orders before going into production. It is a rugged off road manual wheelchair that is pushed or pulled by friends and family to allow wheelchair users to visit places they may have had a hard time getting to in a standard wheelchair. 

How Much Does It Cost?

This off road mobility device is more expensive than any other manual wheelchair we have reviewed for the All Terrain Wheelchair Research Center. At $9,950 it is closer in price to powered all terrain wheelchairs than the manual wheelchairs in this list.

Where Can It Go?

This all terrain wheelchair can conquer depends on how heavy the rider is, how many people are pushing/pulling and the type of terrain you encounter.

The build quality of this off road wheelchair makes us think it should be able to handle anything you throw it at it. If your team is strong enough it can get you where you want to be.



One of my favorite features about this wheelchair is it’s ability to transform. It can do one thing competitors struggle with: go indoors. By removing its front wheel it is transformed into a more traditional wheelchair that can easily be maneuvered indoors. At 31″ wide it won’t be able to fit through most inteior doors, but it’s great for visiting your favorite restaurant after an adventure. Off road wheelchairs like the Extreme Motus Emma X3 or Vipamat Hippocampe are narrow enough to fit through a door but their length makes them somewhat impractical to maneuver indoors. 

It Has Brakes

Any good hiking wheelchair must have brakes. It wouldn’t be safe to attempt a proper adventure in a wheelchair designed for the beach that doesn’t have brakes.

Dual disk brakes on the rear wheels will allow you to safely descend your favorite hiking trails.


At its widest point Advenchair is 31” which is narrow enough to fit through the standard exterior door. In wheelchair mode (with the front wheel removed) it is 48 ½ inches long. Transformed into all terrain mode the wheelchair is 74 inches long. 

Folded up for transportation it shrinks down to 31” x 24” x 44”. Small enough to fit into the back of an SUV, but you may have difficulty fitting into the truck of a car.

What Size Does It Come In?

With one frame size and 3 different seat sizes. They come in 13”, 15”, and 17” sizes. These seats can be swapped out over time so that children can switch their seat as they get older.

Who It’s For

Not designed to be propelled forward by the person riding in the seat. Some wheelchair users with strong arms may be more interested in seeing where they can get in the Grit Freedom Chair or Mountain Trike than being pushed or pulled down a trail.

This wheelchair is best for people with a disability that has affected the strength or development of their arms.


Brakes – Rear disk brakes will allow you to safely descend steep terrain.

Transformer – Being able to remove the front wheel to turn the all terrain wheelchair into a regular wheelchair is a cool feature.

Rugged – Solid design will allow it to take a beating as you and your friends explore your favorite trails

The Competition

Extreme Motus Emma X3 – Solid hiking wheelchair with 3 wheels, brakes , and large low pressure low tires.

Vipamat Hippocampe – 3 wheeled chair that can be pushed by the rider, floats in water. 


Price – With a price of $9,950 this the most expensive manual all terrain wheelchair we have reviewed.

Weight – This wheelchair tips the scale at 60 pounds which puts it on the heavier side of the chairs in this category. It weighs 55 pounds with the front wheel removed.

Suspension – Advenchair only has suspension on the front wheel. Without suspension under the rider it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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